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Are you coming?

Hello Eurovision Lovers! ❤
Since the contest is only one month away, we decided to show to all of the people who is travelling to Lisbon on May, how to prepare your journey to Eurovision and what you can visit for three days there.
If you came from another country that isn't Spain you obviously have to book the plane as son as you know the dates, information and where is the contest taking place, also if you are from Spain, it's always funny to travel with a car and all your friends. You also have the option to travel with a hotel train but it's a little more expensive depending on the class (bed or seats) and the traject it's 9 or 10 hours long, so we recommend you the other two first options.

With the theme of accommodation, you have to be more careful and predictable, you have to book
hotels that has free cancellation, just in case Eurovision changes the dates of the contest and if this happens, you can reserve another room with any problems! At the momento we know…
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The storm of Eurovision 🇬🇧

Hello Eurovisionlovers!!!
Who is SuRie?❤️SuRie (real name Susanna Marie) began writing songs when she was just 12 years old and has performed for the likes of HRH Prince Charles in iconic British venues such as The Royal Albert Hall and St. Paul’s Cathedral and at venues all around the world, including St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice. The Royal Academy of Music graduate has held residencies in Jazz lounges throughout London and performed backing vocals for artists like Chris Martin and Will Young. Where have we seen SuRie before? SuRie is no stranger to the Eurovision stage, having appeared on it twice before. She appeared as a backing singer for Belgium’s Loic Nottet during the Eurovision Song Contest in 2015.
And she was the musical director for Blanche’s City Lights, the Belgian entry at Eurovision 2017. What is the UK’s Eurovision 2018 song called? The UK’s Eurovision 2018 song is called Storm and it’s written by Nicole Blair, Gil Lewis and Sean Hargreaves. LYRICS
[Verse 1]
Hey, hey br…

It's our turn! 👋

Hola Eurovision lovers!!!! ❤
As you have seen on the title, today we will dedicate a post to our country. We are so glad to present to all of you what will Spain bring this year to Eurovision contest!  Eurovision started on 1956, and on the first five years Spain didn't participate and it only has won two times on the history of the contest, pretty awful don't you think? The two only singers that had won were Massiel and Salome, Massiel won on the year 1968, with the song "La, la, la" it's a very interesting song, because the most part of the lyrics only says those three words, but at least we won. Salome won the next year, 1969 with the song "Vivo cantando".
Since then any spanish participant has won the contest, but this year we have all our hopes on our representants, Alfred and Amaia! These two little cuties are from Spain, Alfred is from Barcelona and Amaia is from Pamplona, both of them participated on the famous spanish program Operación Triunfo

Do you know who is him?🔥 - Czech Republic

Here we are again Eurofans!!!! 
Today we want to talk a little about one of the hottest participants😜 The country debuted in 2007. The truth is that since then it has not achieved very good positions despite having great proposals. In particular, it should be noted that in all these years of participation they have only managed to qualify for the Grand Final only once. It was in 2016, when Gabriela Guníková delighted the audience with "I Stand" and managed to get the country to the Final, although it was in last position. The young artist takes the baton from Martina Bárta, who represented the Czech Republic in Kiev with the beautiful and powerful ballad "My Turn", but did not get his ticket to the Final. Probably, the bet of Mikolas Josefis one of the most powerful of this year. 'Lie To Me', whatever happens, will be one of the songs we will remember the most. It is very catchy, visually it will have a completely different style than what we are used to and, …

Epic Eurovision FAILS!😳

Hello Eurovisonlovers!!!
Today we decided to post some things that will make you guys laugh a lot, or at least we will try it. As you can imagine the main topic of today are the most epic Eurovisión Fails seen on TV until today, we are so excited to present to all of you these wonderful moments, enjoy them!

DANCE MOVES There are many awkard dance moves moments of the Eurovision Contest and we think that they deserve a list of their own, but as they are way too much to mention here, we choiced two of the most creatives (that it's a very important key  component) coreographys that leads this list.
On 2009 Patricia Kaa's was so sexy matador in a skin-tight satin black dress.
Also we can look back to Alf Poier's indigestion dance moves that ruled in Austria on 2003 during  his performance of Weil der Mensch, those were a really unusual dance move...

EPIC FALL OFF STAGE OMG! This was an unfortunate momento for Carola Häggkvist's during the 2013 Eurovision performance, we thin…

Have you seen the recap already? 🎯

Hiiii Eurovlovers! ❤️❤️❤️ As you know, Wiwibloggs is one of the most important blogs about Eurovision. This blog uploads a lot of content to social networks and we have found this video of a recap about the 43 participants. We think that it's pretty interesting and it helps us to remember the songs and their participants.  Eurovision Song Contest 2018 is less than 2 months away in Lisbon.  Video created by Cinan:

What is your favorite?  What is your bet? We want to know it!!

We got love for you too Australia 🧡

Hello Eurovisionlovers!!! This post is for our Australians Eurovision fans, it is a pleasure for all Europe to welcome you again in our favorite contest.
Everyone got surprised two years ago when we find out that Australia was going to participate as a special guest to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Eurovision, so it became the first non european member to take part of the contest. A lot of people disagreed with this notice, but then we took affection to the amazing country because of its performance on 2015 and now we love them so much and we all know it wouldn't be the same without Australia. 💘

This year Jessica Mauboy will represent her country, she will sing a theme composed by her called "We got love", it's a pop actual song that we hope that surprises us, who knows? Maybe the winner of this eddition won't be European this year.. Eurovision it's not new for Jessica because she performed like an invited country with the theme "Sea of flags"…